“Weather the Weather” a SciArt Initiative exhibition at the New York Hall of Science, New York City (2019-20).
“Networked”, A SciArt Initiative exhibition at The Nook Gallery, Inglewood, CA (2019)
(photos courtesy of Dahn Gim, The Nook Gallery)
Mathapalooza! at the Julia Robbins Math Festival, Atlanta, GA (2019)
(photo courtesy of Sabetta Matsumoto)
Infinite Potentials, SciArt Center, New York Hall of Science, New York City (2018-19)
Construct3D 2018 Conference, Georgia University of Technology, Atlanta, GA (2018)
Bridges Math Art Conference, Stockholm, Sweden (2018)
Discrete Math Day at Queens College, Flushing, NY (2017)
Bridges Math Art Conference, Waterloo, Canada (2017)
Construct3D 2017 Conference, Duke University, Durham, NC (2017)
The Cloud and the Void, SciArt Center, New York City (2017)